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What some of our well cared for parents say...

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"Mel was a shining light during my pregnancy, birth and beyond for my second child. She came to home visits with incredible knowledge of the local (confusing and complex) hospital systems, empathy, compassion, humour and kindness. 

She gave me the correct information and confidence in order to receive the delivery and postnatal care that I wished for.

Not only all the above but she ran baby cafe which connected our small community with other mums and was a lifeline in those first six months.

I cannot recommend Mel enough."


"I could not recommend Mel enough.  She was professional, always there on text and would be there within 12 to 24 hours if you needed to see her face to face. She made me feel calm and encouraged when battling breastfeeding and without her I wouldn't have fed my daughter for so long. She created a fantastic community of mums and professionals that you could dip into as wished with a much-needed cup of tea, biscuit and an approachable atmosphere to ask any question to knowledgeable midwives."


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Katie and Dottie.png

"Melanie or "Midwife Mel" was absolutely vital to my holistic health as a new mother. While I originally began working with her to keep track of my newborn's health, she quickly became indispensable for my reproductive health (as she helped me identify an infection from birth I mistook as "normal"), my lactation health (she helped improve my newborn's latch which significantly improved her feeding), and my mental health (by helping me during post-natal depression). Mel also supported dozens of other new mothers through her "Baby Cafe" and "Baby Massage" courses. Baby Cafe allowed me to create a new friend group for me and my child (who are still friends of mine today) and Baby Massage helped relax my colicky baby into a much needed sleep (for everyone!). I highly recommend Melanie for all your midwife needs!" 


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