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Midwife Mel

UK & HK Registered Midwife

About Mum's the Word's Midwife, Melanie Clough

I first started practising midwifery in the UK in the 1990s for the NHS, working across all areas of practice, in both hospital and community settings, from high-risk antenatal wards to home births.  

In 2015 my family and I moved to Hong Kong were I started my own practice, Mum's The Word.  This continues to successfully support women in HK today, run by the wonderful Midwife Vicki Marks.  Now back in the UK I'm delighted to be able to continue to support mums and their families, as they welcome their new babies into their lives, through Mum's the Word UK.  Additionally I'm proud to be back working with the NHS at St Mary's Hospital, Manchester.

Whilst in Hong Kong I was also a locum Community Midwife for The Matilda International Hospital and played a key role in setting up their postnatal community service.

As a mum to two daughters 22 months apart, who were both breastfed (though that's a while ago now) I remember well the joys and the challenges of having two under two. 


I remain passionate about providing care for new mums in the postnatal period with breastfeeding support.

Midwife Mel as with her newborn
Mum's the Word Philosophy

In a nutshell, maternity matters.  It matters to mums, dads, babies and the whole family.  It matters that mum and baby are healthy, it matters that they are well cared for by knowledgeable, caring professionals, it matters that they feel happy and secure, it matters that they feel empowered and reassured that "they've got this", it matters that they have access to education about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and childcare.  Our motivation for care is that mums matter.  Mum's the word!

Newborn Baby with Mom
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